Sunday, June 19, 2011

TOT School

~Our little lovebug is currently 20 months old~
Tot School

Fine Motor/Visuo-spatial Skills:

We spent most of our week focusing on fine-motor skills, as well as visuo-spatial skills. An area I am working on with Smiley right now, but our lovebug was able to participate and benefit as well :)

She is a HUGE fan of megablocks right now and they were played with almost every day this past week. They are not only great for motor and visuo-spatial skills, but also for working on colors and counting. Our little lovebug is solid on blue, and pretty good with red, green and yellow. We're still working on pink, purple and orange :) A few weeks ago, she blew me away with her counting abilities. She is able to rote count to 11. She must have just picked it up from Smiley or one of us counting at times. It's not something we've focused on with her yet... Anyways, I am taking her current interest in counting and incorporate it in the actual counting of objects, such as the megablocks in one of her towers :)

We did a lot of sensory play this week. Both kids really enjoy doing this and it is so good for them :)

One of our fine motor activities this week included stringing cheerios on pipe cleaners. The kids thought this was a blast. They would string a few cheerios on the cleaners and then eat them ;) Play and snack in one!

I got our magnets and cookie cutters out this week and the kids had fun decorating the cookie cutters with the magnets. Most of our cookie cutters are Christmas themed, so I will have to remember to bring them back out in December for this activity. (not that the kids cared at all that it was completely the wrong time of year...).

To continue with our insect theme, we painted ladybug stones. Our little lovebug just loved this activity. We painted dry stones with red tempera paint (don't add water). 

Once the paint had dried, I let the kids go at it with a sharpie (no, I am not THAT brave. I used a plastic plate after I shot a couple of pictures and reminded myself that the sharpie in fact is permanent!).

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