Friday, June 17, 2011

Preschool ~ Sight words

~Smiley is currently 41 months old~
Tot School


A lot of our week was focused on reading. We love the Ready2Read Program, which combines phonics families and sight word drills, as well as Carisa's You Can Read Program. We have been using both programs in addition to using ABC Reading Eggs and Hooked On Phonics. 

This week we focused on the following sight words: a, I, the, and, see.

Smiley used his car to help him read his sight words...
He colored them and then cut them out... (great fine motor practice for him!)

I love the cute sight word caterpillar. We colored the circles, laminated them and hung them in Smiley's room :)

We then worked on our phonics family by using this fun pasting activity. He really enjoyed this.

We then used Carisa's You Can Read Program to further work on these first sight words...

He used his car to drive from word to word...

(he did eventually use a pencil as well, but I didn't snatch a picture)
He loved this dot paint activity. We did "a" and "the" first. He then felt the need to completely cover the words in dot paint and it got a little crazy ;) but he really enjoyed it...

Ladybug THEME

We continue to learn about insects. We introduced ladybugs this week, and what better way then to start with a little craft. We had some flat stones and I thought it would be fun to make some ladybug stones :)

We covered them in red tempera paint...

and then added heads and dots with a black sharpie.


Megablocks were a big hit this week. Smiley built a castle for his cars ;)


  1. love those ladybug rocks! :) too cute.

  2. Just found your blog over at the Preschool Corner :)