Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ladybug Craft

We are still learning all about insects. We finished our study on bees and are now learning all about Ladybugs. I though I would kick off our study by making ladybug stones. The kids had a blast!

We used relatively flat stones and colored them red with tempera paint. You could also use waterproof paint, particularly if you plan on putting them outside!

Even my 20 month old was able to color her stone independently :)
We let the stones dry while the kids napped...
We then used a sharpie to make a head, a black line down the middle and dots... Our little lovebug loved this and wouldn't want to give the sharpie back. I let her make two ladybugs, and big brother made one. This is still difficult for them, so I finished up the rest of our ladybugs ;)

We made this craft this past weekend and the kids have been carrying their ladybugs around with them. What a great hit! You could probably spray the finished stones, so they last longer! We may end up doing that (if I make it to the store again soon).

By the way, the picture below is not very good. It was very dark when I took it and it doesn't do our ladybugs justice. Just know that they are much cuter in real life ;)

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  1. What fun!! This would be a cute addition to our garden!


  2. These are adorable. We'll have to try them out!

  3. These are wonderful! We'll have to look for rocks to make some of our own!