Sunday, December 20, 2009

Tot School~ No School

~Smiley is currently 23 months old~

Tot School

This was another week that we took off from tot school. My parents were still in town visiting and daddy was off from work (and will be for the next three weeks!).

Nena loving on her little granddaughter :)

Bath time is always a time for many tot school activities. Smiley loves pouring water from one bottle or cup into another...
I found a set of foam numbers and letters at Target (in the baby bath section) the other week and Smiley loves playing with them.

We spend lots and lots of time reading together every day. It's definitely one of Smiley's favorite activities :)

Smiley got a Spiderman memory game at a Christmas party. He's still a bit too young for the actual game, but we had fun sorting the cards by color. Here he is collecting all of the yellow ones...

Since daddy was off this week, we did a couple of special activities. One day, daddy took the kids to the zoo. On another day, we all went to Disneyland together. Smiley was in LOVE with all of the characters. He went up to all of them, giving them big hugs and kisses. It was the cutest thing ever!

And then we had some fun on the playground in toon town :)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Tot School~ Christmas Style

~ Smiley is currently 23 months old~

Tot School

We're taking a bit of a break from our regular tot school during the month of December. We have so many friends and family staying with us this month that things are just to hectic to take time out of the day to engage in our tot school routine. However, this doesn't mean that there aren't tot school moments throughout the day. I was even able to capture some of them ;)

Learning Toys...

Smiley liked playing with his mailbox and saying the colors of the envelopes as he put them in the mailbox.

He's really interested in puzzles lately. We got out his alphabet puzzle quite a few times over the past two weeks. He really enjoys this. He says the letters as he looks for the correct space for it :)

Smiley got a fun little ball that lights up and had a blast throwing it around the house...

He played with play dough a couple of times...

We painted a Birthday Picture for his Nonno (my dad).

He played with his mega blocks many many times this week :)

He's getting quite good at building towers :)

Playing Wii Tennis with our friens. What a blast!

Christmas/Advent Fun...
Reading a Christmas book with daddy and enjoying the advent wreath :)

Hanging up window decorations with mommy. We even found Mickey Mouse ones :) Smiley is a big time Mickey Mouse fan these days.

St. Nikolaus... We had fun celebrating St. Nikolaus this year.

Smiley got a Little People Nativity scene from Nikolaus :) and we baked Graettima, a Swiss tradition on St. Nikolaus.
and we made a Nikolaus craft...

Smiley playing with his new nativity scene...