Sunday, April 26, 2009

TOT School

~Smiley is currently 15 months old~

Tot School

We were on spring break last week and didn't consciously do much tot school, although Smiley finds tot school moments everywhere :)

We spent last weekend in San Diego and he got to visit with his cousin, who is only a couple months younger than him. Ohter than that, the weather has been really hot, and daddy took Smiley to the pool on at least four days. Smiley absolutely loves the water and he would stay in it forever ;)

This week, it was back to tot school. He had fun putting his ball into the tube and getting it back out.

He also enjoyed playing with his car garage.

We also worked on transferring these sticks from one cup to another.

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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Tot School

~Smiley is currently 15 months old~

Tot School

This week, Smiley enjoyed drawing on his magnadoodle.

He has improved a lot on his shape sorter. I pulled it out for the first time in a few weeks, and Smiley was able to match the correct shapes into their holes. He really enjoyed this.

Stacking was a big thing this week. He loves these stacking cups he got from Nena last summer. They are always a hit!

And so versatile...

We practiced eating from a spoon this week. I used plain greek yogurt because the consistency is thicker than regular yogurt and it therefore doesn't run from the spoon as easily.

Of course it's still easier to use our hands ;)

Smiley is really into staching these plastic cups now. He loves doing this.

Can you see how proud he is?

And of course he had to place his sippy right on top...

Smiley loves this fisher price mailbox that he got a couple of months ago. He's really good now at putting the letters into the slit of the little mailbox.

And as always, he is very proud of his accomplishments :)

Smiley colored an easter egg for Easter. We can now finally start using crayons because he is less likely to eat them. Just a few weeks ago, he would chew on them. We also tried dot paint this week at the Kidspace museum and Smiley did really well with eat. It's much easier for him to dot than it is to draw. I think I will pick some up soon.

His finished egg project :)

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Catching Up

~Smiley is currently 14 months old~

Tot School

The last month has been a bit crazy around here. One reason is that I am currently 13 weeks pregnant and suffered quite a bit of morning sickness in the first trimester. It is slowly getting better, so I am feeling up to posting again :) We still did some tot school, it was for some reason just difficult for me to take pics and when I took pics, to put them up on the blog. An additional factor for my lack of posting is the fact that Smiley had pneumonia and had to go to the hospital for a few days. He's all better now though and tot school can officially begin again :)

Here are some pictures from the past few weeks:

Smiley enjoyed putting the lid on the pot over and over again. Sometimes the wrong way, sometimes the right way :)

Smiley is really into opening and closing different objects these days. I placed one of his toy bears in a tupperwear container and he enjoyed retrieving it and then putting the lid back on and starting again.

Smiley enjoyed pulling this receiving blanket through a paper towel roll.

Smiley really enjoys playing with his top these days and he has finally figured out how to spin the top himself. YEY. Doesn't he look excited about his newly mastered skill?

Smiley worked hard with his fisher price ring stacker and enjoyed putting it in all sorts of places :) A true sensory experience...

Fitting his ball on a plastic cup. Smiley wa very proud of his accomplishment and started applauding for himself :)

Working on fitting the lid on this poster tube. He spent a long time on this activity...

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