Saturday, May 28, 2011

TOT School ~ Fine Motor, Colors

~Our little LoveBug is currently 19 months old~
Tot School

Fine Motor:
We worked a lot on fine motor skills this past week. This is definitely an area of strength for our little lovebug and she truly enjoys all these activities.

We put spaghetti in a shaker with holes...

 She worked on a screw-type toy that she got for Christmas. This is still a bit difficult for her. She is able to stick the pieces together, but hasn't quite figured out the screwing yet.
 Animal Names:
Lovebug's vocabulary is really starting to take off. She understand a lot and is more and more able to also express herself. I put a bunch of animal cards in front of her and yelled out the name of different animals and she had to find them. She LOVED this. I did the same thing with her brother when he was younger and he also really enjoyed this :) We also focused a lot on colors this past week. We will continue to work on both areas :)
 Sensory Play:
I put out a sensory bin this week and lovebug really enjoyed playing with it. I am so impressed with her spooning and transferring skills. I don't think her brother was able to do this as well at her age. I think girls are in general more advanced with these fine motor activities ;)


  1. I like your big flashcards. I have little ones but I bet my son would like the big pictures better.

  2. The flashcard name calling is a cute idea. I'll have to try that with Mini!