Sunday, May 22, 2011


~Smiley is currently 40 months old~

Tot School

We had a pretty relaxed week of tot school/preschool this past week. We worked on puzzles a few times this week. Smiley now works completely independently on them.

We continued to learn about bugs. We colored the title page for our Bee Unit. Smiley loved this. We reviewed our binder and talked a lot about bees. He told everyone about pollination and how bees make honey :)

We finally finished our spring collage ;)

Smiley's handwriting skills continue to improve. We reviewed a few of Carisa's handwriting sheets that we had worked on earlier in the year. We're about ready to jump back into the RRSP units :)

We colored quite a bit this week...

And made patterns with our little magnets...

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  1. Our week was laid back too. (At least as far as school went.) Their must be something in the air. LOL