Sunday, May 1, 2011

Tot School

Tot School
We have been so busy the past several weekends that I didn't have time to link up to the weekly tot school meme. However, now that things are starting to calm down a bit, I actually have time to post again (although we just got back from visiting family in San Diego a couple of hours ago)...

A couple of weeks ago, during our spring break, we were lucky enough to visit the Long Beach Aquarium. It was our first time. What an awesome place to learn hands-on about sea creatures :) We prepared by fishing with our fishing kit :)

 Because the weather has been SO beautiful here lately. We've spent much time outside. We even took a trip up to the Central Coast (Pismo Beach area) to visit Lil' Lovebug's godmother, who lives there temporarily (while on internship).

 We made different craft activities for Easter. Here our lovebug is decorating a foam cross with Easter themed stickers...

 Of course, we had to die Easter eggs :) She still does not like getting her hands dirty, so she didn't get that into it ;) What you see in the pics below is about the extent of it...

 The weather wasn't great on Easter Sunday, so we opted for an Easter egg hunt indoors. Our little girl blew us away with her egg finding abilities!!! She was amazing and even beat her older brother!

 She loved the jelly beans (all natural, lol) that were hidden inside the eggs. In contrast to big brother, who did not like them at all...

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  1. Great activities and beautiful photos!

    Very envious of your beautiful weather!