Friday, May 13, 2011

Preschool ~ BEES Science Unit

Tot School

Smiley is a HUGE science fan. He asks lots and lots of questions every time we cover a certain topic. We were learning about bees and I really wanted to provide him with more information that would answer his questions. I started to compile information and created a science unit on bees. I plan to add other insects as well as we cover them over the next weeks. I really want to bless others with these files as well and decided to share them with anyone who might be interested. The link below should give you access to the pdf files. I created a file on Insects in general (just a brief overview) and one on Bees. This is my first time sharing a document, so please let me know if you have issues accessing the files. I printed the pages, put them in sheet protectors and started an insect binder. Smiley and sit down together and look through the files. It is a very interactive process of me sharing about the science facts and him asking questions. He really loves this and it fits his learning style perfectly. I am sure there are other preschoolers/kindergarteners out there that enjoy science as much as Smiley does and who might enjoy these files as well ;) Hopefully, we will add ladybugs, ants and other insects soon :) I would be happy to hear any feedback you might have about how I could improve the files :) Thanks for visiting!

Bees Unit Study

Insects Unit Study


  1. What a great unit - my son loves to learn about insects too. Thank you for sharing your files!

  2. You go girl!!! I can't wait to check it out. Thanks for sharing!

    Kayleigh's been very interested in insects lately. Big sis is currently studying insects so we've been raising lady bugs, painted ladies, monarchs, and praying mantis'. It enthralls her as long as she doesn't have to touch anything. LOL

  3. Thanks for sharing your files! I haven't planned any of the details yet, but I'm hoping to do a bee unit with my little guy sometime soon. I'm sure this will be helpful!