Sunday, September 5, 2010

Tot School~ Letter Hh

~Smiley is currently 31 months old~
~Little Bug is currently 11 months old~
Tot School

It feels SO good to be back in regular tot school mode. I love vacation time. It was great to travel, to move into a new place and have daddy home with us. However, I really missed our more structured time as well! Summer can get a little too chaotic at times ;) We had a fun packed week (despite the kids being sick for a couple of days with Roseola).

Letter Hh...
Our letter this week was Hh. We continue to follow Carisa's RRSP program and LOVE it.

Smiley colored his memory verse. He went a little wild with his new mini markers ;)

He really enjoyed stacking them :)
I put some markers in a cup for our little bug and she loved taking them back out...
Smiley did really well with the tracing activity this week. This is something that has been difficult for him in the past two lessons, but he seems to be starting to get the hang of it now :)
He did a good job with his big Hh tracing sheet as well :)
He started out pretty well with the smaller letter, but then went crazy ;)
We did our vocabulary cards. The little bug was really into them.
The vocabulary cards are great for teaching a second language as well. I yelled out the name in German and Smiley had to hammer the corresponding card. He loved this :)
We again used a lot of Hh activities from confessions of a homeschooler.
Smiley did really well with the dot paint this week. He wasn't very interested in this activity the last time we tried, but really enjoyed it this week. So, even if your tot isn't into something the first time around, don't give up right away and keep introducing it repeatedly ;)
Same thing here. He didn't want to do this activity the last time, but really enjoyed it this time around :)
We made an H is for hippo craft. I saw this cute idea a couple of months back on Ali's blog and I was finally able to do it, now that we covered the letter H.
Math Skills...
I got this game from homeschool creations. They are Jolanthe's workbox cards, but I repurposed them for a number game, since Smiley is really into Toy Story right now. I left one sheet (blue) whole and cut apart the green numbers. He had to match the green numbers with the blue numbers :)

The little bug was into it too ;)
We practiced our pre-math skills with a sorting activity. We found these fun foam shapes in the dollar section at target last week. Both kids were really into them.
Learning Toys...
Smiley played with one of our felt boards from the learning store.
We played with lego. Smiley loves putting the lego blocks on the lid.
We brought the aqua play that my parents bought for the kids with us from Switzerland. We put it up yesterday and Smiley played with it for a LONG time. He even went back out to play after dinner :)
The pom poms were a big hit with both kids as well.
Our little bug did great taking the pom poms out of a bottle and was even able to put a few pom poms back in!


  1. Love the hippo craft. That is adorable!

    I think just about everybody has those foam shapes. Whoever thought of those is making a killing. My tot, naturally, refuses to sort them in any fashion. She likes to put them in a bowl and call them "soup." She doesn't even like soup. LOL

  2. Looks like you all had fun this week! I hadn't thought of using bottles with the pom-poms! I will have to put it on my list to try with my little ones. The aqua play looks like so much fun! I'm thinking of doing a water sensory tub soon!

  3. That math game looks great, I'll have to check it out!

  4. Looks like your little ones had so much fun! It's fun to see the RRS curriculum in action!

  5. My son loved the pom poms too. It must be the way they feel or something!

  6. I love to see how you integrate both of your kids in learning time. I will had to do that very soon, thanks for the ideas!