Sunday, September 26, 2010

Tot School~ Happy 1st Birthday!

~Smiley is 32 months old~
~Lil' Lovebug is 12 months old~
Tot School
We had a rather short tot school week this week, but here are some pics of the moments I was able to capture :)

Life Skills...
Smiley does an excellent job at pouring. He doesn't spill at all.
He washed his garage :)
He poured water into ice cube trays (baby food trays). I added a teeny bit of paint to the water to make it more fun :) Smiley was really into this activity. I actually put the water in a pitcher, but he insisted on using this bowl instead. Lil' lovebug wanted to be in on the action too ;)

Math Skills...
One of our trays this week had number cards and a bunch of little cloth pins. Smiley had to attach the correct number of pins to the cards. He was really into this and it was a great exercise for both, math skills and fine motor skills :)

Lil' Lovebug practiced some early math skills as well :)
I created a shape sorting activity for the kids. I used an oatmeal container and cut a circular and triangular hole in the lid. I use this with the foam shapes that we got from the dollar section at Target a couple of weeks ago. Both kids had a lot of fun with this. I was quite surprised that the tiny tot was able to do this as well :)
Fun School...
I cannot believe that my baby girl turned one this week (today actually)!!! She's growing up way too fast! We had a little party for her yesterday and had a fantastic time :)


  1. We bought the same little foam shapes, what a great use for them!

  2. Happy Birthday to your sweet girl. Time sure goes quickly in bloggy land. I remember when she was born.