Sunday, September 19, 2010

Tot School~ Letter Ii- Week 2

~Smiley is currently 32 months old~
~Our Lil' Lovebug is currently 11 monhts old~
Tot School
Letter Ii...

We finished up some of the letter Ii activities from our RRSP and Letter of the Week curriculum that we didn't get to last week. I apparently was a very bad photographer and didn't get many shots of our letter activites...
Both kids worked with our Mellisa and Doug word puzzles.
Our little bug loved taking the letters out of the puzzles. Great fine motor activity :)
She also put them into a bottle and took them back out ;)
Writing Skills...
Smiley practiced tracing his letters. I used letter templates that I laminated. Smiley loves tracing them with our markers and I love that the markers wipe off easily and that I can re-use them many many times :)
We also worked on our KUMON Easy Mazes book again and completed several mazes. Smiley does great with this :)
Fine Motor Skills...
I filled a container with wooden play screws for our lil' lovebug and she loved filling and emptying the container many times. Filling and emptying things are amongst her favorite tot school things to do right now :)
Smiley likes his puzzle. Still a bit trickey for him though.
The little bug just enjoyed taking out the pieces :)
Both kids LOVE our Melissa and Doug fruit/veggie cutting set. This has always been one of Smiley's favorite, but it is a BIG hit especially with the litte bug right now!
Pom poms came out again this week. Smiley scooped them with a spoon.
The little tot got them out of the bottle and put them back in :)
She was very interested in our pegs as well. Smiley and I worked on making patterns and the little bug tried to take the pattern apart again :) She's a good helper like that :)
And of course, taking them out of the container and putting them back in. Like I mentioned, she likes to do that right now :)


  1. I love to see them "schooling" together! So cute!

    The M&D cutting food is a favorite around here.

    He's doing so good with his maze book. We have it but haven't tried it. I was planning on trying a page or two this week, using page protectors so we can redo them. I know this will be a challenge for Kayeleigh.

  2. Thank you for the ideas! Your kiddos are precious!