Sunday, May 24, 2009

Tot School

~Smiley is currently 16 months old~

Tot School

We had a fun tot school week and did quite a few activities both inside and outside.

I really like our pom poms. They are a very versatile tot school item and work well for Smiley's age range. Although, he does try to eat them occasionally ;) Here, Smiley transferred the pom poms into his sippy cup.

Smiley transferred pom poms to this silicone muffin pan that I won at a baby shower last week. It turnes out to be quite a good tot school item.
Smiley flipped the muffing pan over and proceeded to putting the pom poms in the little holes on top of the muffin molds. Wow, an even better fine motor activity he came up with on his own :)

Smiley's vocabulary has increased a lot over the last couple of months. For the past couple of weeks he learned pointing to and saying different body parts. So far, he can point to and say: hair, nose, ears, eyes, teeth, belly, arm and hands.

We worked on fine motor skills quite a bit again this week. Smiley worked on sticking toothpicks in a parmesan shaker. He did really well with this activity.

We also did a few activities with pipe cleaners this week. We practiced sticking the pipe cleaners in our dishwasher basket and in a water bottle.

Smiley is obsessed with our little screwdriver. He often sees daddy changing the batteries of his toys and then asks for the screwdriver himself. He goes from toy to toy screwing away :) It's really cute actually.

We did a lot of water play this week. Smiley absolutely loves the water. These pictures were taken at a trip to California Adventure.

We practiced spooning pasta from one bowl to another with a measuring cup. This was pretty difficult for him. Next time, we may try it with dried beans or lentils.

He then transferred the pasta with his hands into this measuring cup. Much easier :)

We go to the playground and park every afternoon so Smiley can run around and go on the slides and swings. However, one of Smiley's favorite activities is sticking the little wood chips through the holes in the steps of the monkey bars. He's even doing tot school, fine motor activities on the playground ;)


  1. He is too cute; I can see why you call him Smiley!

  2. He is adorable. He is doing so well on all of his activities! Thanks for sharing.

  3. What fun activities. Mine love to do a lot of the same things.