Sunday, May 10, 2009

Tot School

~Smiley is currently 15 months old~

Tot School

We had a fun tot school week and I actually had the camera handy for most of it. We started by playing with our PARENTS blocks. He still enjoys them.

We practiced stacking them...
He loves loves loves these nesting cups. He's gotten pretty good at stacking them now.

He played with his magnadoodle.

He's really mechanically inclined these days, and just loves using screwdrivers or anything similar to twist screws...

We colored this week. He's getting much better with his crayons and no longer tries to eat them :)

He really enjoyed taking the crayons out of their box and putting them back in. He probably did this longer than he spent on the actual drawing ;)

We worked again on transfering these sticks from one cup to another.

He's really into climbing these days and spent much time climbing on and off our chair and couch. He also managed to walk up stairs (instead of crawling) holding on to the railing.

He liked transferring pasta into a bottle so much last time that we did it again this week.

We used stickers for the first time this week. I was a little hesitant and didn't know if Smiley would be able to do it, but he did great and ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!!! It was the big hit this week. He did really well with it.

I removed the outside part of the stickers, so he could grab them more easily.

The finished product:

He always loves watching daddy do the Wi fit and likes to participate as well.
We played with the xylophone a few times this week and Smiley did really well with it.

He practiced putting his finger puppets in their little pockets.

He got a new toy this week. A little people shape sorter boat. He really likes it. He still doesn't really know which shapes go in which hole, but he's doing well with it, eventually finding a hole through which they fit :)

Another new activity we tried was putting pasta in holes that I made into a cereal box. I saw this activity at the wilson ramblings, which is a great resource for younger tots. Smiley loved the activity and did really well with it. I am always surprised how much more even younger tots can do than we give them credit for.
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