Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tot Food

Here are some easy lunches *Smiley* had this week. He is only 15 months old and does not eat a whole lot for each meal...

One day, he had organic split pea soup, organic carrots and organic blackberries. He absolutely loves split pea soup and it is a staple lunch item around here :)

Another day, he had organic carrots, all natural, nitrate-free turkey breast, cheese cubes, and organic grapes. He finished everything except the turkey breast. He's not very big on meat and just had a couple of bites.

Another day, he had fried rice made with brown rice, organic eggs and green onion. With this he had one organic meatball (only ate half), and mixed organic berries.
If you would like to read abut other tot food ideas, please check out totally tots.

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