Sunday, February 13, 2011

Tot School

~Our little lovebug is currently 16 months old~
Tot School

Here are some of the things that this 16 month old was up to this past week:

She really likes anything that involves fine motor skills. The smaller the items involved, the better...
Putting coins in a piggy bank.
In honor of Valentine's Day, we did several heart/love themed activities. One of them was sorting little foam hearts (from Michaels) into heart shaped cupcake molds (we've had these for a long time). She doesn't really grasp the sorting concept yet, but has fun putting them into containers and then dumping them back out ;)

I also encouraged her to sort our Mickey Mouse Clubhouse memory cards, but again, she wasn't really into the sorting, but still enjoyed adding and removing pieces from the tray... Still a very good fine motor activity ;)

Click on the tot school button above to see what other tots were up to this past week...


  1. Look at her go! It seems like she was just born and now she's doing Tot School. They grow so fast. My baby just turned 3. Wahhh!

  2. Great job lovebug!! Very good with the piggy bank! Kerri

  3. Fantastic job. I love the piggy bank activity ;-)Your girl is so sweet. Hugs. Ewa