Friday, February 11, 2011

Preschool~ LOVE

~Smiley is currently 3 years 1 month old~
Preschool Theme ~ LOVE

In preparation for Valentine's Day next Monday, we focused our preschool activities this week around LOVE. We talked A LOT about love and friendship. We focused primarily on what it means to be a good friend- being kind, sharing, no hitting/pushing, listening, respect... All areas, we're still working on ;) We made Valentine's cards for all of Smiley's friends... He was really into it and told me nice things to write in each card...

We also talked a lot about people who are less fortunate than we are and how important it is to give. We want through all of Smiley's toys and clothes and picked things to give away. We will take everything to a homeless shelter in our area on Monday. The shelter provides a safe place for homeless families, allowing them to stay together and they are always in need of donations. Mom and dad will go through their closet as well and we will also add some toiletry and food items.

We bought a subscription to Reading Eggs a couple of weeks ago and Smiley has enjoyed working on the lessons. He's currently reading three letter words.

These Melissa and Doug puzzles are still a hit too...

Pre-Writing Skills
We did several pre-writing activities this week, such as tracing horizontal and vertical lines...

We did several matching worksheets.
And we worked on our KUMON Easy Mazes book...
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  1. Love the Melissa and Doug puzzles. Thanks for the link to Reading Eggs! Kerri

  2. Looks like some good fun. What a cute boy!

  3. He reminds so much of my oldest. She was an early reader too. One day she was watching Leapfrog videos and playing on Starfall and the next minute she's reading to me. LOL

    Then I bought her a subscription to HeadSprout and she went from a first grade reading level to a third in a matter of months. It's amazing what they can do when they're motivated.

    I hold no such hopes for my youngest. She's totally happy creating havoc and being the baby. LOL

  4. We made Valentine's this week too. We can't wait to hear what the grandparents say when they get them.