Sunday, February 6, 2011

Tot School

~Our little Lovebug is currently 16 months old~
Tot School

Wow, it's been WAY too long since I last posted a tot school post. Things have been VERY VERY busy around here and I just didn't get a chance to be online much. However, we were still very busy doing our regular tot school activities. Smiley turned 3 and graduated from tot school :) If you would like to see what he has been up to check out our first preschool post.

But here is our new TOT school star...
We started working on different sorting activities. This is still a bit difficult for her, but she loves to play with the little critters :)
In preparation for valentines day we worked on matching hearts :)
The kids played at least for one hour with these petals one day. The little lovebug enjoyed putting them in bottles/cups and then pouring them back out. I got them from Ikea a few years ago and they have turned into a handy tot school toy :)
Our little bug is quite the pro with our pegs. I was quite amazed by how well she did with them.
She started to be more interested in our mega blocks as well. Oh, and she loves apples, especially whole ;)
She played with "salt dough" one day. Use equal parts flour, salt and water. She was a bit disgusted by it, can you tell ;)
One of the Christmas presents she got this year.
And here are some pics of our trip to Switzerland, where we spent three weeks around the holidays (partly to blame for my lack of posts recently).

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  1. Looks like a great week! Beautiful pictures and slightly envious of your 3 weeks in Switzerland:-) Have a good week! Kerri