Sunday, November 1, 2009

Tot School

~Smiley is currently 21 months old~

Tot School

Tot School Toys...

Smiley had fun playing with his lacing beads. However, rather than using them for their intended purpose, he decided to collect all the bees, then all the flowers etc. A great tot school activity nonetheless ;)

Farm Theme...

We had some more fun with our Farm Theme this week. We enjoyed playing with our farm sorting toys. Smiley first sorted them by animal group. Here he is collecting horses...

Next, he sorted them by color...

To make it even more fun, we sorted them into the rings of his fisher price stacker toy :)
We then worked on this fun farm matching game

I also put a farm tot book together for Smiley and he had lots of fun with the different activities. Here he is working on some animal matching... You can find it here:

Smiley is completely in love with his little sister and can't get enough of her. So, much of the week was spent loving on his little sister :)

Of course we had to carve pumpkins! It was Smiley's first time and he truly enjoyed himself :)

Smiley enjoyed dressing up as a dog and going trick or treating for the first time!

He only wore his hat for a couple of pictures and that was it ;)

So much candy!
just because she is so cute, here is another picture of his baby sister :)


  1. What a precious big brother!

    I love that he sorts things so nicely. (And correctly. LOL) All my tot does is throw, throw, throw. Unless it's a throwing activity. She never throws then. LOL

  2. I love when Emily loves on her little sister too it is so precious!

  3. Smiley did a great job sorting those farm animals!! I really need to work on that more with my tot!