Sunday, July 11, 2010

Tot School~Letter T, Week 2

~Smiley is currently 30 months old~
Tot School
Letter Tt...
This was our second week of letter T activities. We again used many activities from RRSP.

We worked with the letter T vocabulary cards. Smiley already knew all the words and he was very proud of himself going through them so quickly :)

We used the worksheet to trace the letter T. It was more of a coloring the letter than an actual tracing. Still not quite there yet, which is totally fine with me ;)
We also did some more activities that we found at confessions of a homeschooler.
Smiley did the letter Tt puzzle...
He was really really really into this counting activity. Huge hit!

Learning Toys...
Much of our week was spent with different learning toys. Here are a few of the things we worked with:

Connect 4. This has to be in his top two favorite board games EVER. It's right up there with Scatterpillar :)

Some other uses of the game...

We played with pasta again this week. Another activity he can't get enough of :)

And we played with his pegs...

We did quite a few puzzles this week as well...

A fun 4th of July picnic with our friends :) The kids even stayed up to see the fireworks. They were completely fascinated by them.


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  2. He's just working so hard & so very cute!

  3. Well....I love all of your T ideas!! I have been looking at Carissa's RRSP, but haven't bought my 'subscription' to it yet because I wasn't sure if my daughter would be ready yet. And she may not be....but I think I am going to go ahead and get it! Loved seeing the pictures of your little guy doing the activities!

  4. I love all your activities - we'll have to play with pasta more often! :) What is the packing tape idea - is it a counting game?