Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tot School- 2 weeks

~Smiley is currently 19 months old~

Tot School

Since I was too busy last week to post write a tot school post, this week's post will include the past two weeks.

Itty-Bitty Bookworm...

We worked on the unit to the book More More More said the baby these past couple of weeks. I do like the curriculum, but don't love it. I will probably go back to doing my own thing after this month, using a monthly theme, working on numbers, colors and shapes and probably starting on letters. I think I will look into the letter of the week curriculum as well, and probably just use a lot of material from totally tots and 1+1+1 :)

Here Smiley did the scribble art to the book More More More...

And added some water color :)

We still enjoy working with numbers a lot and have continued to practice the numbers 0-10. Smiley does correctly recognize all of these numbers without problem now. I guess our next step will be counting as well as 1:1 recognition. We may take our time with this though...

He likes it when I ask him to get a number, such as the number 3. He gets the number and holds it up with a big grin :)

Smiley is starting to get better and better with his colors. He pretty much knows blue, red, yellow, green, purple and white by now.
He really enjoys sorting the animals by color.

We always reinforce colors when we play with our connectors or our blocks as well. Those are great fine motor toys also!

Smiley is still in love with animals. I think next month's theme will have to include animals as well :)
We again did a lot of art activities these past two weeks. Here we're working with stickers.

We colored tons and tons these past two weeks :)
Putting crayons in and out of their box is still a big hit as well :)

Smiley is absolutely in love with books, so reading is a big part of our day. Just recently he started being into paper books again. He didn't have the attention span for them for a long time. I am so excited that now, he will actually sit through a few Dr. Seuss books!! Big change from just a couple of months ago!

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  1. He is such a happy little guy! It looks like he's loving learning.