Sunday, March 20, 2011

Tot School

~Our Little Lovebug is currently 17 months old~
Tot School

Smiley was working a lot with tweezers this week, and of course, our little lovebug had to give it a try too ;)

She LOVES pom poms. Her brother still loves them as well. She really enjoys fine motor activities in general :)

We worked with blocks and worked on building towers.
Playdough is a big hit with both kids.
She is more and more interested in coloring/scribbling...
We worked with our magneatos and our little lovebug had a great time.
We worked with stickers...
And the siblings worked on a dot art project together :) The little lovebug really enjoyed this. We had to stop once she started eating the paint though...


  1. I'm a little nervous to let my little one use the dot stampers yet-but outside that is a good idea!! Looks like a lot of fun!

  2. We played with Magneatos for the first time at a friends house recently; we'll definitely have to get some!

  3. Using the dot markers outside is a great idea. Ours have been ordered and we will have to give that a try when they get here!

  4. Great week full of activities. Ahhh how I wish to do some dot art project with my tot. Unfortunately I can't buy them here in Poland ;-)
    I love the Magneatos as well. Have a beautiful week.

  5. Great job to Smiley and Lovebug for using the tweezers! Great week.