Saturday, March 19, 2011

Preschool~ Transportation Part 2

~Smiley is currently 38 months old~

We continued our transportation theme these past two weeks and Smiley just loved it. He is a HUGE Disney Cars fan and loves everything else that goes as well, trains, trucks, bikes, planes, you name it... We used Carisa's great CARS preschool pack.

And we played A LOT with his cars :)
We also worked with Jolanthe's fun Transportation Preschool Pack.

Smiley had a blast with both preschool packs and I am so thankful for those two mommies sharing all their wonderful creations with the rest of us :)

I drew a racetrack for Smiley and he added cars stickers to it and pretended the cars were racing each other :)

Other Learning Activities...
The kids worked on dot paint art together...
Fine Motor:
Smiley worked a lot with tweezers this past week. He has gotten so good at this.

Shape Sorting:
Playdough is one of his very favorite activities. He got the ice cream maker from his aunt for Christmas and just loves it!

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  1. You cant go wrong with a unit on cars! Looks like a lot of fun!

  2. Lots of fun! And you reminded me that I need to get out our ice cream maker again too. The girls haven't played with that in a while.