Sunday, October 24, 2010

Tot School~Letter Ee, Fall

~Smiley is currently 33 months old~
~Lovebug is currently 12 months old~
Tot School
Letter Ee...
We covered the Letter Ee from Carisa's RRSP program, which we still love :) I was't a great photographer this week and I only have one picture to show... More next week!
Fall Theme...
Many activities this week were again centered around our fall theme.
We sorted leaves by color (they are from the Target dollar section). This is now too easy for Smiley and we did it in German to work on his German color knowledge. He actually knew all of the colors in German :) (We will need to work on grey, black etc next)
The little tot just worked on putting them in a bottle and getting them back out ;)
On another day, I added a number in the bowls and Smiley had to count out the correct number of leaves in the correct color.
We made a leaf pattern...

Learning Toys...
Our little lovebug worked on a farm animal puzzle. Still a bit trickey, but she gets the general idea ;)
We played A LOT with our little people zoo this week. Smiley is playing really imaginatively with his toys now. It's a lot of fun!
He still loves his cars from the Disney movie CARS. He calls them "name cars". Of course he knows all of their names by heart :) One afternoon, when I walked into his room, he had set up his cars on his train table...
He really enjoyed building towers. We recently got this tower set at a consignment sale. It's a huge hit around here with both kids! He totally gets the idea of stacking by size and that the hole needs to be on the bottom ;)
The scatterpillar game came out this week as well. This used to be a big hit with Smiley, but he had zero interest in it this week and only played for about 2 seconds...
Legos were a big favorite though. He built a helicopter (the tower below) and flew it around for two days ;)
Both kids enjoyed the tunnel :)
We worked on cutting along lines this week for the first time. Smiley did quite well with it. We will have to start doing this on a regular basis. Fortunately, it is part of Carisa's curriculum through the memory verse :)
We built a fort every single day this week! The kids LOVED LOVED LOVED this ;)


  1. This age is great for the imaginative play. Today I caught Kayleigh in her room having a tea party with her animals. (We the tea set she stole from sissy's room. LOL) She was so cute pouring tea and asking who wanted sugar and cream.

  2. I am a big fan of the $1 Spot at Target! I mean, you can't go wrong when your kiddos can have so much fun at so little a price.

  3. LOVE the forts! Thinking of getting Elle a tunnel for winter indoor activity. Thanks for sharing! Kerri