Sunday, February 14, 2010

Tot School

~Smiley is currently 25 months old~

Tot School

Fine Motor Skills...
This was our first time working with clothespins. It was a little bit difficult for Smiley to open the clothespins, but he started getting the hang of it...

Smiley got this Scatterpillar-Scramble game for his birthday. It's great to practice fine motor skills!

Some more fine motor practice with our pom poms.

Practicing cutting with this Melissa and Doug Vegetable cutting toy. He loves this!!! (This was right after our pom pom activity, so please excuse the pom pom mess in the background. I did make him pick them up eventually, lol).
After sorting his buttons, Smileye enjoyed pouring them into different containers :)

We talked about the difference between heavy and light by exploring heavy and light objects on our tot tray...
We made a couple of crafts to go with our LOVE theme.

Smiley does extremly well with shapes. He loves this game that he got from his Tia for Christmas. It's a shape sorting game from the learning store that I highly recommend...

Working with his Melissa and Doug letter boards. He really likes them. He knows all his phonemes, but hasn't started sounding out words yet. I think these boards are fun for him to start to grasp the connection between sounds and words. We also did a few activities on starfall this past week and I let him watch the Leapfrog Talking Word Factory a few times as well.

We spent a day down in San Diego. The weather was gorgeous and we had a great day at the beach in Coronado :)


  1. I love those buttons and containers! Great idea to work with heavy and light. I think we might incorporate that in the next week or so!

  2. Great activities!! It looks like he had a lot of fun :)

  3. What great week! I love the pictures when they are concentrating so hard on doing something! The valentine crafts are super cute!

  4. I love the idea to work on heavy/light objects. My little guy talks about "heavy" all the time, and he would probably love that!

    I'm so impressed that Smiley knows all his phonemes. That's really good for just barely 2 years old! :)

  5. What an interesting idea to do a tray dedicated to heavy and light. I really like that idea!

  6. It looks like he had a great week.

    We have a set of the Melissa and Doug cutting food. My tot loves them. She plays with them almost everyday.