Sunday, July 12, 2009

Tot School

~Smiley is currently 18 months old~

Tot School

Turns out that I was a really bad photographer this week. We did quite a bit of tot school this week, but I hardly have any pictures to show for it :( We even went to the Children's Museum on one day and the zoo on another day, but I forgot the camera for both. Anyways, here are the few tot school pictures that I did take.


Smiley has had quite an explosion of his vocabulary lately and is talking more and more. So, we've been focusing a lot on his language acquisition, since he's curious about the names of everything around him.

Smiley has a passion for reading lately and asks numerous times a day "read books". We sit down and read with him several times a day and he absolutely loves it. Here he is with some of his favorites.

Smiley really likes books with flaps right now and all the Spot books are a big hit!!

He's still really into animals as well and likes any books with animals in them.


Smiley has started showing an interest in numbers, so we ordered this numbers dvd from amazon. He really likes it. He is pretty good at identifying the numbers one through three. He also sometimes says "two" when he sees two things of something.

For crafts this week, we made a butterfly out of pipe cleaners :)

Fine Motor Skills...
Smiley is really interested in opening and closing the snaps of his stroller and car seat. He practiced every day this week and is now very proficient at it :)

Physical activities...

Swimming was again a big part of our week. It is really hot here and we therefore took Smiley to he pool every single day this week. This boy absolutely loves the water. He's pretty good at kicking now, and we also taught him to jump into the water (although from a sitting position, since mommy is scared that he will hit his head otherwise), and to blow bubbles.

Smiley is really interested in watering the plants lately...

Some of mommy's favorites...

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  1. Aww he is such a cutie! The butterfly looks like it was fun to make. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I always love to see the things you do with him. He always looks so happy!

  3. Hey Laura!! I just wanted to let you know that you won my giveaway for a Couture Belly Bandit!!! If you could e-mail me ASAP with your size (they tell you how to size on the belly bandit site- and address that would be awesome!!


  4. Hi. I am new to Tot School and stumbled upon your blog. It is SO helpful! I think I am just pretty much going to copy everything you do! I was also wondering where you got that cute alphabet/number pad that he is always sitting on...

    Thanks for your help and all your awesome ideas.

  5. Goldie, I got the alphabet/number pad from Right Start. But they sell similar pads at Toys R Us and Target. We love it! I can highly recommed it.