Sunday, February 15, 2009

Tot School

~Smiley is currently 13 months old~

Tot School

The puzzle was a big hit this week. Almost everyday Smiley pulled out this toy and proceeded to take out all the animals, study them, take them in his mouth, bang them together and TRY to put them back in their spot.

This was the other toy Smiley could not get enough of this week. He loves this leapfrog Spinsingalphabetzoo. He plays with it for a really long time.

Later in the week he played with his Fisher Price ring stacker. He is doing pretty well with it now. He is able to take off all the rings; however, he still has some trouble putting them back on ;)

He is also a big fan of his leapfrog fridge farm. He actually started being able to put the animal parts into the farm this week. And of course, he is very proud of his accomplishment.

We played with the xylophone he got from auntie Julia for Christmas. At first he thought he could use his hand to make music, but he soon figured out that he needed to use the stick :)

Playing with his puzzle again later in the week.

He practiced walking a lot this week. He stands up all the time now, takes a few steps and sits back down. It's adorable.

And the leapfrog toy again...

He really enjoys driving on his leapfrog fire truck these days. Up until a couple of weeks ago, he would only push it around, but now he is actually riding on it :)


  1. I just love seeing him each week! He is too cute!

  2. Ohhh! We have the spin letter toy and my daughter loves it! But the song always gets stuck in my head....spin, spin a letter, what letter do you know? LOL!

  3. Your son seems so CALM!!! Is he?? My son just turned 1 yesterday and I'm going to start Tot School with him. He's just hard to keep up with and doesn't really want to "do this activity" or "do that activitiy". He's fine doing his own thing which usually includes trying to tear something up. :) How do you structure your days? Thanks!