Sunday, July 17, 2011

Tot School ~Letter Aa

~Our little Lovebug is currently 21 months old~
Tot School


Our little lovebug is fascinated whenever her older brother does schoolwork and really wants to participate as well. For that reason, I thought I would give Carisa's fun TOT School Printables a try. She loved them :)

She already sings her ABC's and is very interesting in "reading", so I thought these printables might be fun for her. She loved coloring the apples in the letter Aa.

She is a HUGE fan of dot paint, so this was great for her :)

We talked about different fruit for her vocabulary building...

I put these laminated letters out for her brother to practice tracing; however, he had no interest in this activity. Instead, our little lovebug spent a long time tracing the different letters ;)


She continues to be a huge fan of playing dress up, preferrably with freshly folded clothes ;)

We completed our unit study on insects this week with this fun sensory box (rice and insects from an insect toob).

We painted a snail with water color...

and then decorated it

Some more dot paint fun with the apples counting game, also from TOT School Printables...
Painting a frame for her brother's sight words...

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