Sunday, April 3, 2011

~Our little Lovebug is currently 18 months old~
Tot School

Sensory Activity:

We did a shaving cream sensory activity this past week. I gave our little bug some shaving cream on her high chair tray and let her get at it. She was not having it. She really does not like getting her hands dirty and looked at me with a very disgusted face ;) I remember that her brother was the same way at that age, and now he loves doing things like this :)
Our little bug is very much into dancing though. She loves to spin around in circles until she falls down...


She is more and more interested in puzzles as well...

We had beautiful weather this past week and spent much time on the patio working on different art activities. Dot paint is still a big hit around here...

and so are paint brushes...
...and so are crayons!
Fine Motor Activities

We worked on different fine motor activities, including making bead bracelets...
I made a hole in an oatmeal container and had her put penne pasta inside. She loved this!

She loves hats right now and was very excited when her godfather brought a cowboy hat :)


  1. Boy is she growing up! Looks like she had a lot of fun this week.

  2. Cute! I've got to start doing more activities with my poor neglected Little. :)