Sunday, December 5, 2010

Tot School ~ Christmas Fun, Letter Xx

~Smiley is currently 34 months old~
~Our little Lovebug is currently 14 months old~

Tot School

It's been a way too long since I last linked up to tot school. Things around here have been very busy. We continued to do our regular tot school activities, but I have just been too busy to blog about them. Here is what we've been up to this past week...

Learning Toys...

Smiley and I have been working on doing patterns a lot. He still likes to do the ABAB pattern. I sometimes try to introduce an ABCABC or AABAAB patterns, but he usually doesn't go for it...
Our pattern turned into a street eventually ;) The pictures below where taken on two different days and both times we ended up with a street...
Letter Xx
We worked on our RRSP Letter Xx activities... Smiley hasn't really been interested in any letter of the week, tot pack/preschool pack type of activities lately. He has no interest in coloring, matching, drawing etc. right now. I am really sad about this, because I love the cute activities other bloggers put together. However, I am taking his lead right now and will take a break from those activities for now and try some more "active" types of activities... I hope that in a few weeks he will be interested in our pretty, laminated work again :)

Flying his verse around the room was the highlight of the letter X lesson :)

CHRISTmas fun...

We have an advent calendar, and I put a little scroll in it for each day that has different activities on them that we do together as a family. Those can be very simple things, such as reading a Christmas story or drinking hot cocoa, or they can be a bit more elaborate. One day this week, we made a gingerbread house together. The kids loved this! It was really difficult for Smiley not to eat all the decorations ;)

On another day, we got to visit Santa :)


  1. Love how the pattern turned in to a street!! Kerri

  2. You've got an award over my blog. I love your blog.